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I've been sitting on the idea of starting a wedding stationery line for a long time. My poor husband had to hear all about it and look at all of the cool wedding invitation designs I showed him on Pinterest - lucky him! Well, after a lot of work, research, and designing, I'm excited to premier....

Printable Wisdom Design Wedding Collection

Woohoo! I thought my days of obsessing over wedding trends were done after my own wedding. Not any more! I've been pinning up a storm, reading all of the wedding blogs, looking at trend forecasts - and loving it!

The first four suites are already up in the shop (check them out below), and two more will be joining them soon! The first 4 are all named for Jane Austen characters and inspired by watercolored florals and flowing calligraphy.

That's enough talking about them - let's take a look at these beauties! Click on each photo to be taken to the listing page!

Anne Wedding Suite by

The "Anne" Suite. This rustic hand-crafted design's most stand-out feature is it's chalkboard banner and painted-style flowers. All on a cream colored background, these cards have a hand lettered font combination and a rustic style.

The Catherine Suite from

The "Catherine" Suite. Featuring a watercolor design of classic hanging ivy, on a blush pink background that fades to a chic double line border. Tiny serif font is accented by a curling, classic calligraphy.

The Elizabeth Suite from

The "Elizabeth" Suite. Inspired by the spunky heroine of Pride and Prejudice, this invitation suite is anything but ordinary! A custom monogram at the top is created entirely from detailed vintage flower illustrations. And the calligraphy below gives this design a modern, handwritten touch!

The Emma Suite from PrintableWisdomDesign.comThe "Emma" Suite. Featuring soft dreamy florals in a watercolor style. Modern calligraphy is set against a stately serif font - giving this rustic invitation set a classic touch.

And now, let's take a look at the two new suites that will join the collection soon! These two (which will soon be a collection of 4) are inspired by Little Women Characters, Beth and Jo (Meg and Amy are still in progress!). 

The Josephine Collection from Printable Wisdom DesignThe Beth Suite from Printable Wisdom Design  

I'm so excited to add to the collection of Wedding Invites in the store! Do you think you might want to buy some printable invites? Here's a link explaining all the in's and out's!

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