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Small Business Saturday by Printable Wisdom Design

This week, on Small Business Saturday, I'm featuring Kristal from KLDesigns Boutique! She designs handmade stationery, accessories, and paper goods. I love her washi tape pencils, and how professional all of her photographs are! Read below to find out more about KLDesigns Boutique:


The name of my small business is: KLDesigns Boutique

I came up with this name because: It is a direct reflection of my passion & dedicated service to designing stationery that expresses your messages in tiny packages that are beautiful and meaningful.

And it first opened: Taking this journey with my husband throughout his military career, I have become deeply passionate about stationery and paper crafting. I wasn't fully aware of my passion for stationery until my husband deployed for the first time in 2008. I started my vision and built my small biz overseas in Okinawa Japan. I became a fully functioning business as soon as we settled in our new place in 2014.

My logo and branding was created by: Lauren Mary Designs at It looks like this and it was inspired by:  My service as a military wife and my love for nature.

I run my business from: My home studio in Granbury Texas . The Lord blessed us with a space in our home to call my own and share arts and crafts with my son.


And sell: Affordable, luxurious, and stylish: handmade stationery, accessories, and paper goods.

Stationery- Thank You Gorgeous Robin Water Color

My absolute favorite item is: Inspired by Christ Stationery and Washi pencils


But my most popular item is: Personalized Marine Corps Stationery

Military Stationery- Marine Corps Inspired by Patriotism


If I had to describe my average customer:  She is a mother, wife, and friend who loves inspiring others.

She is a lover of the small details in life ,hand written letters, journals, and fine linens. Through her spoken word she is able to heal and bless others through her radiant smile and joyfulness. He is a husband, father, and friend who's strength is building up with encouraging words and truth. He is a man of a few words but enjoys keeping the written word alive with his desire to woo the love of his life through the passions of his heart into poetry and song. { Don't let the pink logo fool you, I create masculine stationery all the time!}

Luxurious Japanese Washi Pencils Set of 5

If I knew someone who wanted to start a small business, I’d tell them: Pray, Prepare, & Enjoy what you do! Begin in prayer, it was my foundation especially when I was living overseas with my family dreaming up my company. KNOW who you are and keep your values. Don't sell yourself for a buck! Prepare, I did tons of research and invested in a book called Etsy-preneurship by Jason Malinak. It's a great starting point and helped me understand more about being a creative business. You can find him on Etsy. Enjoy, spend time enjoying what you love and the business will come. KIS { keep it simple} I also recommend praying over your business and the customers that visit.

The thing that surprised me most about running a small business is:  I am awesome at being creative, but I quickly realized that I needed help with the back end of my business. It is such a delight and relief to have my husband as my boss to help me with stay focused on realistic goals, marketing, bookkeeping, reports, taxes etc. Set your hours! Outside of being a business owner I am a mother and wife which comes first. This experience is also teaching my son how to be an entrepreneur. It is awesome when you have a support system, and get those kids packaging your good to ship! { lol }

My advice about advertising and marketing is: Social media is all the hype these days but it isn't your only option. Commit yourself to a few hours a week but don't get tangled up in the hype. There are magazines, blogs, and even one on one contact. Get business cards and start talking with everyone. I recommend moo.comHere is 10% off! Bring your biz cards to the bank, grocery store, and even to the park. Have your pitch ready to rock as soon as someone asks you what you do for a living. Be confident in who you are as an artist or business owner. Share your love! Have samples especially when you are ready for wholesale. Do you have a favorite boutique out in town? Get your biz cards and get in there! You may land a customer and a place to advertise your biz. If you have a local radio station, make an appointment to discuss 20 second advertisement opportunities. I was able to get a free spot on our local radio station,and a future client that is some serious networking. You can even create a YouTube video about your products. That is our next step .So get to it! Don't be discouraged, in the beginning it is HARD but remember. " Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men."

In the future, I hope to:  Become the exclusive handmade Stationery Boutique you purchase from.

You can find me on the web at these links:

Studio: Blog: Shop: Twitter: Pinterest Newsletter:

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  • Krsital

    Thank you so much Ashley for featuring me! You are such a blessing.

  • Ashley

    You’re so welcome, Kristal!

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