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After some Pinterest perusing and reading some great blog articles about the distinction between "logos" and "branding" (hint: They are totally different!), I've solidified and tweaked the branding of Printable Wisdom! Check out my "Branding Board" below - and I'd LOVE for you to tell me what you think in the comments! I also changed up my Etsy banner and my "Welcome" about page photo! Check them out at


  • Ashley

    Thank you so much! I made my branding board layout from a mish-mash of others I’d seen! :)
    My designs will still be using ALL colors – the palette is just for my own Printable Wisdom branding – business cards, logos, etc :)

  • Kori

    Hi Ashley, I love your new branding. The typography is beautiful! Did you use a template to create your branding board or did you design it yourself? Will your new designs now be limited to this color palette or is the color palette just for the blog?

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