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It's finally July - maybe my favorite month of the year! I love this month full of impromptu vacations, backyard barbecues, summery cocktails, and flip flops. So, to kick it off on the right foot, I'm sharing a free wallpaper with everyone! This one features my new obsession - modern hand lettered calligraphy. My house is littered with practice papers, y'all! And isn't this mint background to die for? Free Wallpaper from Printable Wisdom Feel free to pin this picture like CRAZY! Directions (If you need them! If you already know how to do this then just move right along!)
  1. Determine the resolution you'll need. Using it for a phone - then pick one of the smaller resolutions. Using it for your computer - pick a larger one (find out your Desktop resolution by going to your desk top Right click > Properties > Settings).
  2. Click on the link below that fits your resolution, a new window will load with the photo.
  3. Right click > Save As
  4. Go to the photo you just saved and right click > Set as Desktop Background
  5. Gaze at your new gorgeous wallpaper!
Download Computer Wallpapers: 1920 x 1200  1600 x 1024 1280 x 1024 1440 x 900 1024 x 768 800 x 600 Download Phone Wallpapers: 320 x 480 240 x 320 128 x 160

  • Ashley

    Hi Cierra! I use live-trace to turn my calligraphy into vectors – I really like that it smooths up my sometimes-not-so-smooth lines :)

  • Cierra

    Hi! Love your style. I’ve been practicing my hand-lettering like mad lately, too. Loving modern calligraphy. Curious—do you trace your calligraphy to vectors in Illustrator after you scan it in, or do you just use it as a raster image straight from the paper?


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