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You've made your way to our new home on the internet. We are so proud to have worked with the team at Aeolidia to create this site which is a perfect fit for Printable Wisdom and our customers. Here are a few of the special features of our new and improved site we'd like to highlight:

The ability to quickly and easily shop for art and canvas prints (that we print and ship to you!)
Our new site has two main artwork sections - the Print Shop and the Digital Shop. In the digital shop you can find all of our printable files. The print shop has all of the artwork you love, available in a variety of print and canvas sizes for each piece. Buying a printed piece is easier than ever now!

Checkout with credit cards or PayPal
We now offer a direct checkout options for our customers who prefer to shop this way!

Bigger and better pictures!
Each of our listings has pictures that are nearly four times larger than our old site. The enhanced zoom function lets you see all of the details of a piece before you purchase.

A TON of new items
We've expanded our hand lettered line and have added a ton of new designs to the shop. Find them by looking for the pink "New!' tag below the photos.

Have fun looking around, and let us know what you think of the new site in the comments! 

  • Janet Hutson

    Calligry intrigues me!

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