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The BBC posted a fabulous video showcasing some of Instagram's most prolific calligraphers. I know when I first joined the Instagram community, I was amazed at how vibrant and diverse the community of hand letterers is (pro-tip, the best hashtags to search are #moderncalligraphy #calligraphyvideo and my personal favorite #nofusscalligraphy). Hundreds of artists in various stages of learning all come together and share their videos of lettering like you cannot find anywhere else.

People have been saying that hand lettering is making a comeback lately - and I think this Instagram trend has tons to do with it. When we were at the National Stationery Show, I can't even count how many people were familiar with us solely due to our Instagram profile and the videos I post of my works in progress.

Check out the BBC video below and a few of my own calligraphy videos from @PrintableWisdom on Instagram


Are you interested in learning calligraphy (and maybe even posting a few videos yourself)? Check out our No Fuss Calligraphy Starter Kit - perfect for beginners and including everything you need to start creating beautiful hand lettering.

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