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I've always loved advent calendars - when we were younger my sisters and I would trade off putting ornaments on our velcro advent calendar Christmas tree every morning. This year, I created a simple printable Advent Calendar featuring Bible verses and watercolor mistletoe leaves. 


1. Cardstock
2. Scissors
3. A printer (home printers work just fine!)


Step one: Download the PDF by clicking on this link
Step two: Print pages 1-7 on cardstock
Step three: Take the paper out of your printer and put the pages back in so that they will print in reverse (maybe try a practice page first - I always forget how to load my printer for reverse printing!)
Step four: Print pages 8-14 so that they are on the back of the pages you just printed
Step five: Cut out your cards along the light grey lines
Step six: Hang your cards (like I did!), stack them for a simpler display, or put one on your Christmas tree each day!
Step seven: Count down the days until Christmas!

I chose to display my calendar with some twine and mini clothespins (thanks, Amazon!) and hang it from my mantle. I wish I could say that I did some fancy hot gluing to get the twine to stay in place - but I just tied it around the legs of my nutcrackers, and hoped no one noticed! 

Enjoy! And for more fun Christmas designs, check out our Holiday sections in the Print Shop and the Digital Shop (if you're a last minute kind of girl, like me!).

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    Love this site. Going to share with friends.

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