A new collection of Printable Wisdom Painterly Brushes, for creating hand painted style calligraphy on the iPad Pro!

  1. Masterpiece - Create thin hairlines in your lettering, with a soft cloud-like edge on your down strokes. Lettering has a soft hand painted look giving the illusion that it was delicately created with a paintbrush onto textured paper.
  2. Impressionist - Create thick, medium, and thin strokes with only slight variations in pressure. This brush gives your lettering a modern and free flowing look. The texture is soft, with varying opacity and looks great on colored backgrounds.
  3. Watercolorist - This changes opacity based on the speed of your writing - just like lettering with real watercolor pigments. The edge of this lettering has a soft "bleed" effect, mimicking the appearance of carefully painted watercolors.
  4. The Artiste - A dynamic brush allowing you to create thick lettering or thin delicate lettering based on the pressure applied. The pattern of the stroke changes every time you pick up your pen or rotate your Apple Pencil in your hand, giving different textures and making your lettering look 100% natural. The different looks created by this brush allow you to create new and exciting lettering projects!

Install in the ProCreate app for iPad Pro and get started creating beautiful calligraphy designs immediately!

Completely customizable within the app!
For use with Procreate app on iPad Pro. Once purchased, you will receive an email with your .zip file containing the brush file. To unzip on iPad, I recommend using the iZip app. Download the file from your email, and select "open in iZip." Once in iZip, extract all files and when your .brush file is downloaded select "Open in Procreate." Open the Procreate app and scroll to your "imported" brush folder to find your new brush!